Angela Dowden Freelance Writer & Registered Nutritionist

With a degree in food science from Nottingham university and eight years as a nutritionist in the food industry under my belt I dipped a tentative toe into the world of freelance nutrition and found that writing for the consumer press was what I really wanted to do.

Over 15 years of journalistic experience later I’ve written for everybody from the World Cancer Research Fund to Closer, covering everything from energy density and the fat content of minced beef to the latest celebrity diet.

I enjoy the buzz of developing succinct copy to tight deadlines. And I feel I’ve gained the respect of editors who can trust me, as a registered nutritionist, to produce copy that’s accurate and interesting.

I was awarded:  Nutrition and Health Writer/ Broadcaster of the Year in 2012.

My nutrition philosophy is fad free and pragmatic; I love food and don’t do lectures on lentils (although they're lovely too!).

Eat well, eat balanced, watch your weight and enjoy!

Angela Dowden